A Technical Term

When I worked at an internet service provider, they put a dorky little cartoon of me on the web site. I was the help elf for new users of the service. It stayed up there for a year or two after I left. I used to get emails from ex-coworkers when my avatar changed outfits for the season (“Dervala has a hat now. And mistletoe.”). Once, a woman wrote in to say:”It’s nice that you have a cartoon character for your demo, but does it have to be that one? The cartoon girl you have looks so cheap and tacky”.

After I left, I went back to a staff party and was feted briefly as the real Dervala. A new employee said: “Wait—you’re Dervala? The cartoon? I just assumed ‘dervala’ was a technical term.”

If I were a technical term, what would I describe?

2 thoughts on “A Technical Term”

  1. The depth of your good humor and your understanding of it make you ineligible as a cartoon character. Anyone portraying you in that role has a limited ability in perceiving the character of others. I dont see it as possible. I also dont see it as a personality defect, if thats any consolation.

    I also don’t see GWB (Shrub II) as a cartoon character, albeit for opposite reasons.

    I’m probably wrong in both cases, but it strikes me that even Bugs Bunny has some character in his makeup, but when you have just a bit too much, say like the Pope or Natalie Wood (love of my life as a teenager), then you’re essentially ineligible.


  2. PS Sorry, the Pope and Natlie Wood were all I could come up with at the time. I had a most interesting English professor as an undergraduate and would have included Dr. Bunge, but that would have made any sense to you so I left him out.


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