Lunchroom Conversation

Lunch room conversations:

Jesse wants a pet. A skunk, he thinks, a baby one with its stink glands removed. None of the petshops in New York will sell him one though, so maybe a monkey. Keeping a monkey is illegal, but he lives in a loft in Williamsburg so it doesn’t really matter. We speculate that he can pass it off as a roommate, a conceptual artist behind on his rent.

But maybe he’ll rescue some of the live petfood they sell in Chinatown, an eel or some frogs, and try to raise those instead. That way, he wouldn’t feel so bad if they died. They gain an extra month and all the coffee and Froot Loops they can stand.

James’ college friend found a rat on the street and kept it for a pet. He didn’t even keep it in a cage. This challenges our notion of ‘pet’.

No one has heard of the old English sport of ferret legging. I always have to google my “In Europe…” stories to be sure I’m not making them up. But it’s on the Internet, so it must be true.

God ‘elp the beast in me.

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