Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product
From the Cadbury’s Ireland website:

‘Ireland has the third highest consumption per capita of confectionery in the world! Irish consumers spend over £325 million annually on confectionery products and consumption is increasing at about three per cent every year.’

Jesus. £325 million divided by, um, not much more than 3.25 million people is a lot of moolah.

Mark told me there was a new shipment of Crunches in the office kitchen. For a brief, glorious moment, I thought he meant Crunchies—jaunty, shiny Cadbury’s Crunchies in gold wrappers. Crunchies that, if no one is around to be repulsed, I can slobber over until the honeycomb dissolves in a gooey chocolatey mess. But no. All we got was more drab, navy-blue Nestle Crunches, cooking chocolate in all but name. They will have to do.

Once again I tell you, American candy sucks. Not rocks.

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