Here is one of the most pathetic IM exchanges I’ve ever taken part in. It refers to the previous post.

    claire: Claire Danes has an i in her name. Plus then I can count it as one for me when Jason does a “find”
    dervala: no she doesn’t
    claire: listen, I’ve met her a bunch of times. She so does
    dervala: google her
    claire: i did
    claire: you google her
    dervala: liar liar pants on fire
    claire: oooh, I’m so mad
    claire: so there
    dervala: there’s no consensus on google
    dervala: so i refuse to let you blatantly rig blog mentions
    claire: I’ll buy you “Brokedown Palace” if you don’t correct it
    claire: and make you watch it
    claire: if it’s on Amazon it must be right

    dervala: refresh your browser.
    dervala: happy now?
    claire: very happy

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