A Puppy is Not Just for Christmas

A puppy is not just for Christmas
Mark sent me this heart-rending post from Craig’s List. It’s the reverent, capitalized ‘Her’ that gets me.

    Date: Mon Dec 24 21:51:10 2001

    Where can we get an abortion for our pedigree dog?
    Our lovely Pedigreed Minature Poodle was violated
    by our neighbors Golden Retriever. She somehow got outside
    when the delivery people came by and was impregnated in front of
    our house in broad daylight. The neighbors maid called us.
    I was able to rescue Madonna from the male but we now
    know she is pregnant. We dont want Her to have this litter of
    mixed puppies because we were hoping to breed Her in the springtime
    with another lineage from Danville.
    Needless to say my wife and are completly devestated by the
    turn of events and found we are unable to sue the neighbor because
    both our dogs were loose!
    We cant go to our veterinarian because he handles other peoples dogs
    we know and are afraid they might find out.
    Now Madonna lays around and eats a lot. She’s become fat and I
    cant even take her out to meet the other dogwalking regulars because
    they will know she’s pregnant.
    Has anyone else in the CL community encountered this before?
    Im willing to fly her anywhere to have this problem taken care of.
    PLEASE HELP US. and Merry X-mas

That crass neighbor needs Neuticles.

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