The Importance of Being Lola

The importance of being Lola
A Lola is a muse, a powerful creature, much immortalized, the name rolled around on the tongue of the enslaved artist. The kiss in the name is even clearer in Spanish, where the letter ‘l’ trips off the top teeth rather than the alveolar ridge of decorous English.

Lo-li-ta. Lo. Lee. Ta.
Lo-la. L-O-L-A, Lo-la
Maria de los Dolores Porrys y Montez: Lola Montez

None of these Lolas was christened with the name. The sorrowful, dumpy ‘Dolores’ has nothing to do with Lola. Lolahood is attained; a reward or a punishment for brazenness, exoticism, and more.

I won’t call my daughter Lola.

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