A room of one’s own

A room of one’s own
Hi. Welcome to dervala.net. I just moved in, and I can’t find the kettle. My archive links are broken, my error pages don’t work yet, and I’ve still got this civil servant template. But soon it will be a palace built of blink tags and vistor counters! I was grateful for the space at blogspot.com, but you can only couch-surf for so long. Eventually, you long for your own place, where you can paint the walls and leave enormous jpgs lying around.

Advice, gentle reader: do not buy domain names as gifts, unless you can put them in the recipients’ names. I ended up registering http://www.dervala.net because of the hassle of transferring dervala.com first to me and then to my ISP. Network Solutions’ business model is to make the process so difficult that you need to pay $200 for premium service customer support. Grr.

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