Dervala’s Ashes

Dervala’s Ashes
This time 15 years ago I was standing outside Friar Tuck’s in Limerick, wrestling my first underage pints into submission with a curry chip[1] and watching the fights on the steps of the Redemptorist Fathers church opposite.

Life in Limerick in the 80s was nasty, brutish, and far too long. Please please please can I have a Green Card?

[1] An order of soggy fries topped with a huge dollop of curry sauce. Fondly known as ‘babyshit on chips’.

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  1. just came across this…Brilliant! I have a few happy memories of Friar Tucks myself (well, relatively happy) – I was in college in NIHE Limerick during the late Eighties (before it became ULA (University of Limerick, Actually)


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