Why I haven’t posted lately

Why I haven’t posted lately
I couldn’t register my brand-new Sony laptop in January because the online form didn’t recognize a wireless LAN connection.
‘No dialtone,’ it bleated. ‘Cannot connect!’
‘Well, of course there’s no dialtone,’ I said. ‘You think I would buy a sexy little laptop like you and then hook it up to AOL? This isn’t 1996.’
‘I can’t hear you. Are you plugged into the phone correctly?’ said my laptop.

Next I tried the Sony web site from my work PC. I floundered through their popup windows for twenty minutes before realizing their online registration didn’t cover my model. Their phone support for registration was a 900 number. I gave up.

Because they couldn’t pimp my demographic information, Sony didn’t extend my 90-day warranty. On day 91, the Borgs blew up the laptop on cue. I shipped it back to San Diego, world headquarters of hardware evil, and the service center called me yesterday to ask me to authorize a $768 repair charge on my $900 computer. Plus $27.95 shipping.

I alternate between deep breaths and blind fury. Blind fury feels better.

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