‘Today, American men are demanding a better quality woman than they are typically finding’

Excerpt from some great spam I received today from Mr. Fred Gansky, who tells me he is 57 years old, 5’11”, 168 lbs.

If we are still single and 2001 has not produced someone we thought we might want to spend the rest of our life with, prospects for the New Year might not appear very encouraging at this moment.

Have you found that women today are far more independent and self-serving than what you believe their counterparts were 20 years ago? Many women have taken the women’s liberation movement to extreme. They say they want a relationship. They say they want closeness, equality, sensitivity and intimacy. And then they do everything possible to show men that they don’t need them. Years ago compatibility meant checking out your birth sign. Now, they immediately want to know what you’re driving and where your home or condo is located. They qualify hard and fast, and they’re off and running if they don’t hear the right answer. Financial security and lifestyle outweigh character, loyalty and integrity. They are intent on trading up and becoming your best friend or soul mate is rarely an option they take seriously. What you can do for them now is the theme of the day.

For the most part, most men today still seek women who will be caring and supportive, who will look up to them and rely on their strength, judgement and leadership. They want a partner who will be there for them, in good times and bad, not skip out at the first sign of emotional or financial problems. Are there women out there like this? Of course! But, it seems that it’s becoming harder and harder to find them. Do you know many women who can cook nowadays, or take care of a house, or sew? Mention these traditional talents to most women and they’ll think that you are crazy. It used to be hard to find many men who could express their emotions and share true intimacy. No more. As men have grown older and more sophisticated they have, to a great extent, gotten in touch with their inner, more sensitive side. They are much more aware of their feelings and emotions. Their needs have changed. Many women, with the support of their girl friends, have changed places with men. They are the more emotionally detached. Protecting their feelings because of past hurts becomes a necessity. Caring and trusting a man again becomes a huge risk. Belittling men behind closed doors is more the norm (does the show, Sex And The City, come to mind?)

If any of this strikes perilously close to home, perhaps you might be open minded to considering another approach to finding a partner who might be more appropriate for you.

First of all, let me give you some personal background. I’m 57 years old, 5’11”, 168 lbs. I’m athletic, personable, quick witted, intelligent, caring and sensitive. I own my own business and am financially secure and successful. Most people think I look at least 10 years younger. I live in LA and about two years ago came out of a 17-year relationship. I’ve met many women since then, including one with which I had a very intense five-month relationship. I was astounded to find the differences in attitudes among women today than what I was accustomed to many years ago. I can tell you, I wasn’t prepared for it. I didn’t like it. And, I wasn’t going to accept it.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t going to become a hermit. I allowed myself to become open to all women I met. I wasn’t about to turn someone away before I had a chance to know her. But, I vowed to get out of my “box”, to stretch, to expand the possibilities of the women I would meet and where I would find them. I knew it would take some risk and discomfort. Trying something new always causes some anxiety, but I was determined to give myself more options.

I used my objectiveness to research many possibilities. And, when I was through, I came away with a source for meeting women that I would have never imagined, and it was not in the United States!

As a businessman I’m always dealing with issues of supply and demand. Today, American men are demanding a better quality woman than they are typically finding. So, where is the supply to meet this demand? The supply, my friend, is in RUSSIA! (And also the Ukraine).

Here’s some background:

Life under Communism was obviously not good for most Russians. There were shortages and inequities and democratization has been slow in improving the lifestyle of the average citizen. It is not unusual for a typical citizen to make $40 per month. Men, for the most part, have not been model husbands. They drink to excess, are rarely loyal, are extremely domineering and often ruthless to their women, and die early (average Russian male lives to be 55 years old). Divorce is high, and many women are widows before they are 40. Is it any wonder that there are millions of Russian women longing to leave their country for a better life somewhere else?

Over the last eight years, a number of companies have established themselves to match this unique combination of supply and demand. During my research I must have come across more than 100 companies dedicated to this purpose. Some of them provide tours to Russian cities where they sponsor socials during which American men can meet Russian Women. I found one company that I thought was above the rest. They were US based, had the most experience and had sponsored the most tours. They also had a reputation for attracting the most women to their socials (usually there are about 10 women for every man at each social). In June and October of 2000 I went, with a reasonable amount of skepticism and anxiety, on two of their trips, to St. Petersburg and to Kiev. The women that I met and the experiences I had were nothing short of incredible. I have never met so many quality women in one place or in such a short space of time. In fact, I am meeting one woman in Paris to spend New Years with.

I am so enthused by this process that I have decided to represent the Tour Company in my own private, personal way. I have started a web site, which will discuss these trips in more detail. I will tell you all about my experiences as well as those from other men who accompanied me on the trips. You’ll also learn about these intriguing cities with their wealth of culture, entertainment, restaurants, tours, etc. You’ll meet these women first hand and see why we found them so different from most American women. And, we’ll share with you many success stories where hundreds of American men have brought these women to the United States and made them their brides.

If you are looking to change your life, if you are willing to be adventurous, if you want and demand better quality women in your life fill out the form below and we’ll tell you how.

Fred Gansky

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