‘Oh, I like fruit fine, but I’d just as soon have a piece of cake.’ — Shirley MacLaine

— Shirley MacLaine

I always thought Shirley MacLaine spoke for all of us on this one, but that was before I discovered my new mantra.
Rambutan. Durian. Mangosteen. Papaya. Lychee. Mango. Coconut. ’10-baht-one-kilo-you-come-back-tomorrow-thank you.’

I mean, the fruit here even looks cool. The rambutan, for one, ought to win a few design awards for innovative packaging. Bright red skin covered in rubbery lime green spikes, opening cleanly to reveal a glistening white egg of sweet, gelatinous fruit. And a nice little seed in the middle to suck.

I just ate a kilo of them. Life is sweet.

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