The Belle of Limerick

My sister Caroline turns 22 today (Actually, yesterday, but the original post went missing). She was 10 years old when I left home, and so sweet-natured that my friends used to imitate her answering our front door:

    ‘Hi! Hi! Tea or coffee?’

She’s finishing college in our hometown now, and though she believes I plot to get her to travel the world, I’m very glad to have there as my strongest link to home. Who else would send me indignant corrections when I mess up the names of Limerick rugby clubs, as usual? And who else would keep me up-to-date with Limerick slang?
    ‘That knacker is kicked!’
    ‘What do you mean, kicked?’
    ‘You know. Ugly. As in, he looks like he was kicked in the head.’

Happy birthday, Caro. XXX.

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