Condensed Paul Theroux

Andie Miller sent me a link to Motionsickness web site. The archive is limited, but has given me an appetite for a print copy of the magazine. I especially liked this:

The Old Patagonian Express, a Condensed Version

(all lines taken from The Old Patagonian Express, by Paul Theroux)

I HAD not liked the look of Fort Worth. It seemed a terrible place, as hot as any of the miserable villages on the railway line, if a bit larger. The heat had nauseated me, and the noise of the banging doors, the anvil clang of the coupling, had given me a headache. Barranquilla was inconvenient and filthy. Even in sunshine, Tupiza, a heap of brown houses on a hillside, looked as forlorn as Dogpatch. I looked hard at Tierra Blanca. It was poor and brown. (…)

I’m not a tourist. This annoyed me (and the passengers walking through nauseated me), but there was worse to follow. My English leak-proof shoes, specially bought for this trip, had sprung a leak; my clothes were wet. I had thought it had been hot in the morning; the afternoon was almost unbearable, and at Soconocusco I felt nauseated by the heat.

Read the whole thing here. I suspect that Paul Theroux fans buy his books in order to confirm that they were right not to leave home.

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