Bury me with my bowler hat

The last set of police statistics show that in the first eight months of 1998, there were 490 accidents in which 207 people were injured and 80 died. 65 vehicles flipped over and 64 simply collided. The worrying accident rate can’t be helped by the fact that, according to Bolivian law, the vehicle going downhill should keep to the outside of the road, closest to the drop.
Footprint Bolivia Handbook

Tomorrow I will mountain bike from La Paz to Coroica down The Most Dangerous Road in the World (TM). I’m no crazier than usual. It just seemed safer than the bus. I bought $500 worth of medical insurance for ten bucks today. $500 will buy me Michael Jackson-levels of reconstruction in Bolivia, possibly even with similar results. And if I’m beyond being patched up, well, Bolivia was a good enough last stop for Che and Sundance, and it’s good enough for me. (Peru, though, is another story.)

So, a provisional farewell. I love yiz all.

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