Polite Request

Subsistence fishing with a twig and string is not as easy as you might think. And there’s not much meat on the deer mice. I need a job. A real, grown-up, sit-at-a-desk-and-type-and-go-to-meetings job. Can you help? Do you know anyone who might know anyone who can help?

I am a software product development manager. A fairly good one. I like working with engineers, and I also like making things clear to non-technical customers like myself. I’ve worked on some award-winning applications that people actually use. (One of the minor joys of my recent travels was chatting with fellow gringos in darkest Peru, or Cambodia, or even Burma, and hearing them say ‘You worked for Vindigo? Everyone I know has it!’)

I’d work happily in any English-speaking country and could probably manage a Spanish-speaking one, too. If you would like to matchmake my résumé/CV with some dashing organization in need of a product person, please let me know. It’s dervala at dervala dot net.

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