Caitríona Reports From Tehran

Need a fix of a lovely Irish accent? Here’s the bodacious Caitríona’s first radio report from Tehran. (Incidentally, the RTÉ introduction is by another college contemporary of ours, Philip Bouchier-Hayes. It is strange to hear these familiar voices from Tehran and Dublin in a cabin in northern Ontario.)

The piece is fascinating. Fifty years ago British and American governments toppled the last democratically-elected government in Iran for the crime of nationalising the oil industry and effectively taking control of Iranian oil from the British. It was nominally done to prevent a Soviet invasion, and led to the re-instatement of the Shah’s poisonous regime. I had no idea. Listen well.

3 thoughts on “Caitríona Reports From Tehran”

  1. Hi Dervala —

    where did you go to college? I’m curious now — I was at TCD around the time I think you’re talking about 😉

    Great weblog BTW. I’m very envious of your current life of outdoorsy leisure at the moment…

    –j. (Another vehicularly-impaired Irish person overseas)


  2. I did a BA at UCD, 1990-1994. Surrounded by braying Southsiders, I took refuge in the friendship of a cool Nortsoider, Caitriona.

    (Kidding. Some of my best friends are Southsiders. Really.)

    You seem to be really plugged into the Irish tech community. I’m going to enjoy learning about it through your site, so thanks for the pointer.


  3. 1990-94 – around the time of Francois, UFO etc.! Great times…

    as a Northsider I know what you mean about the UCD Southside contingent, it was famous for that alright around that time. Mind you, one of ’em was my cousin, so I can’t really give out too much. 😉




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