The Blissed-Out Curmudgeon

Simon, my beloved Inca Trail companion, writes:

You seem to be the latest benefactor in my slow adoption of nearly all of my father’s habits. He clips and snips newspapers, leaving a small pile of cuttings on the bed in my old bedroom for me to read on my return to the familial home. Little notes adorn each clipping “Simon’s House File”, “Thought you might be interested”, “Now’s a good time to buy”.

In a similar vein, I saw this in today’s Guardian and thought you might be interested.

In my defence, my fathers’ clippings are usually motivated by my parents’ poorly disguised agenda to make me buy a house (presumably so I might move the mountains of my crap that clutter their own), whereas I present this link merely to entertain and inform.

Well, it worked. The link is to a great interview with one of my heroes, Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus, also known as Elvis Costello. As for the article title, I would like it as my epitaph, please.

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