Canadian Weather is Ridiculous

It is snowing hard. I’m shirking my packing duties to huddle by the fire and contemplate the shock of snow in September. Rick scoffs; snow is late this year. There’s been snow in August up here.

Snow in August.

My grasp of geography used to consist of navigating by stores. It has improved, though not much, so it took me until last week to realize that Ireland is actually farther north than Lake Superior. Ireland and Britain would be tundra if it weren’t for the Gulf Stream. Instead, we get wet dampness for part of the year and damp wetness the rest. But I’ve never had a Snow Day, and certainly not in August.

Canada, you need to cut a deal with the Gulf Stream. Try to get a sunshine clause.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Weather is Ridiculous”

  1. Now …. I assume this means you would have changed your mind about staying in any case …. just for the weather alone, if not the red tape involved!


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