So here’s the plan for the next few months. I’m like a shark: if I don’t keep moving, Immigration will get me and you’ll stop reading.

  • October 25: Trona. Because I have a wedding invitation.
  • November 13-25: New York. Because I have to go the dentist for the first time in fifteen months (eww).
  • November 26-December 8: London. Because I want to play with Simon, Elly and Edward.
  • December 9: Dublin. Because I have three babies to visit.
  • December 15: Limerick. Because it’s home.
  • March 17: New York. Because BA won’t sell cheap tickets one-way.

4 thoughts on “Co-ordinates”

  1. I’m impressed that you got the pronunciation of ‘Trono’ – that alone entitles you to immigration papers – in Trono anyhow! (If you could just work a few ‘ehs’ into your conversation!


  2. Wendy, I’m working on getting the ‘eh’s OUT again before I leave. My sister and I even use them to each other, and then shake our heads sadly at how easily we are manipulated.


  3. I’m worried about your getting through New York. I keep seeing stories abiout people being stopped and sent back — when they’re joining their husband! Homeland Security maybe should be SS instead of HS…

    Good luck and be well and happy.


  4. Don’t get me started on US immigration. It’s the main reason I don’t want to live in the US any more. I still love the place, but in its current backward incarnation, not enough to jump through hoops. Immigrants bring an awful lot (including, often, an expensive education paid by other countries’ taxpayers). You wouldn’t guess it from INS policies.


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