Evil Ryanair, Northside taxi-drivers, thirty five cups of tea, rashers and sausages and butterfly buns, and best of all, seeing Caitriona and Dan again for the first time in two years. While Mrs. Palmer feeds the three of us into a stupor, we are catching up on their lives in Tehran and mine in my rucksack. Bliss.

3 thoughts on “Dublin”

  1. Yay for Northside taxi drivers!! Except when they try to rip off people with non-irish accents on the airport-to-dublin route (which is quite common it seems).

    Never mind that though — and hooray for 35 cups of proper tae!

    (…can you tell I can’t wait to get back?)


  2. Yay! Enjoy it! Less than two weeks before I’m back, and in the meantime I have an *entire case* of Tayto to enjoy, courtesy of a wonderful colleague just back from a business trip. Rationing them is sooo hard …

    See you in Limerick, I hope!


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