This is the Gargantua road at Lake Superior Provincial Park, wearing her winter coat. When I hiked the Coastal Trail in August, the hedgerow was thick with blueberries and mushrooms. Ranger Tim, who has a Voyageur’s heart and is slightly nuts, camped here this week and sent the photo as my Christmas card. It arrived with the greeting: “May Santa bring you the clarity of spirit to behold your blessings, and rejoice in them.”

I pass that wish on to you. I don’t find Christmas an easy time, which puts me squarely in the majority of over-sixes. So I’m grateful for this snowy reminder that today was the solstice, and it gets brighter from here.

5 thoughts on “Solstice”

  1. Over the course of the months since you have posted about Lake Superior, you’ve introduced us to Ranger Tim … he’s a special guy. Thanks for sharing his words.


  2. Dervala:

    I love that picture of snow from Ontario…reminds of what I miss most living on the Pacific coast at this time of year:

    It’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees,
    Putting up reidneer and singing songs of joy and peace
    I wish I had a river,
    I could skate away on…
    It don;t snow here, it stays pretty green,
    I’m gonna make a lot of money and quit this crazy scene,
    I wish I had a river,
    I could skate away on…

    I wish I had a river so long,
    I would teach my fet to fly…
    I wish I had a river
    I could skate away on…

    From “River” by Joni Mitchell.

    Why do I always post seasonal Joni Mitchell lyrics in your blog?


    Hello to Ireland, my other ancestral homeland. Irish Ojibways are a strange, pining bunch…


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