Dear Posse,

Thanks for all the good wishes you’ve sent for my return to the working classes.

To answer your questions: I’ll be moving back to Brooklyn (BREUKELEN, baby!) as soon as Tom Ridge’s immigration cops see fit. I am their slave. I cannot book a flight until they beckon. With luck, that will be within a month, though they’ve introduced several fiery new hoops since I last jumped through. I will start a Free Dervala Meetup if it goes on longer. Be assured, American workers, your turf is being defended, and should I threaten your liberty, my biometric data will be on file.

To Jen, India, Betsy, Liz and the other bloggers I know only here: I hope we get to meet (up) before too long.

And as to how I feel about moving back to New York: well, great. I love Brooklyn like chocolate. But in spite of nine years of claiming I’d never move back to Ireland, I’m going to miss this place something rotten. I’ve learned that every so often, when you’re running or shunning, it’s good to stop, turn around, and check if the monster is still there.


2 thoughts on “Dear Posse,”

  1. Good luck, Dervala. Don’t let those bureaucrats bully you! At worst you’ll have plenty of people willing to work out a way to smuggle you in through Canada or something. Enjoy your new job and the exciting surprises that follow extracting all your stuff out of storage! 🙂


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