“Trip Home from Europe Becomes a Kafkaesque Ordeal”

This NY Times story from last week proves further that the USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) is in a foul mood these days. Reminds me of the old Lou Reed song:

Give me your poor, your huddled masses, I’ll spit on ’em
That’s what the Statue of Bigotry says.

One thought on ““Trip Home from Europe Becomes a Kafkaesque Ordeal””

  1. It’s scary — there’s a lot of stories along those lines, these days. Here’s a classic: http://www.landofthefree.blogspot.com/

    The immigration official involved later posted a lengthy set of comments at
    http://www.haloscan.com/comments.php?user=landofthefree&comment=106830868255242656&doctitle=Land%20Of%20The%20Free?&docurl=http://landofthefree.blogspot.com/archives/2003_11_02_landofthefree_archive.html#106830868255242656 , including this:

    ‘If not concluding a marriage then one might tend to look at the kind of activity which might be accomplished while in the U.S. if the alien was admitted. Can you please advise your readers of what this activity might be, for example where Miss Killguss would be living and what are the living conditions? For instance, would you two be living in a similar situation as a man and wife would? Have you two already established this relationship and residence?

    If you are doing it, is living together as man and wife outside of marriage within your religious beliefs? What address was KILLGUSS going to? Was it your home address? Have you two lived together before? Where would she sleep?

    Being that numerous mentions are made to religious beliefs and ties with Miss KILLGUSS then she would be in a position of espousing certain Moral Principles. Have you two also violated these principles? Are you asking for money from others so that you might sooner engage in acitvity that your religions classify as immoral? Your christian readers might not want to subsidize fornication. Please let them know exactly what activity is being funded here.’


    Mind you, I think the immigration people at the Ireland border posts are a bit more sane than that 😉


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