Snow Day

Ranger Tim’s daily Brooklyn report:

At lunchtime today Domini and I went to the discount store up Court St. and bought a Snow Saucer for $6.99 and tax.

Rigging the Saucer

We stopped at Pastosa Ravioli for capicolla sandwiches and a dotty Italian guy helped us rig the Saucer with reins of packing cord.

Tim Descends

It was a snow day so Prospect Park was full of screaming kids on sleds and Flying Carpets and innertubes and plastic toboggans. The New York City Park Service had girl rangers on hand running races and giving away hot chocolates. They had Smokey hats and badges and pigtails and we joked about swapping places with the Canadian ranger so they’d get the bears and wolves and I’d get the brats and perps.

Dom wins
Domini won her Saucer race.

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