Sheep Pilgrimage on Croagh Patrick

Sheep Train
Photo by Tim

I am preoccupied with sheep recently. Sheep and goats. I may end my days goatwalking in the desert.

I’m not the only one. The heroine of Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer is a widowed city girl who saves her Appalachian farm by raising goats for New York Passover. On Marian Finucane’s radio programme last week, we heard from a lovely Dublin woman who had married a Kildare farmer and settled in Athy.
    “I’m a practical sort of person, Marian,” she said, “I had no interest in an engagement ring.”
Instead, her sweetheart led her outside to see her surprise wedding gift. A flock of twenty sheep, whom she lambed single-handedly her first winter down the country. What man wouldn’t count himself lucky to find such a bride?

Women of the world, raise your right middle finger to De Beers’ blood-soaked diamonds, and take a sheep for love and independence. Send it to Bóthar if it won’t fit in your apartment.

6 thoughts on “Sheep Pilgrimage on Croagh Patrick”

  1. What’s the chance of getting that Bah picture in full size for my rotating desktop of images? Great image as usual!


  2. The world is just getting too small… I spend the morning sitting at my desk in NYC emailing and IMing with Dervala… around noon Tim unexpectedly walks into my office and asks if I want to have lunch. Over lunch he shows me the prints he just picked up from his trip to Ireland to see Dervala. I take a peek at Dervala’s blog when I get home that night and lo and behold, the print Tim showed me over the lunch counter at Johny’s is now on her Blog. The world is just getting too small.


  3. I’m a multimedia student at Tipperary Institute in Clonmel, County Tipperary in Ireland and your landscape picture conjured up vivid memories of climbing Croagh Patrick in similar conditions a few years ago. It’s a path well worn, but so worth the journey. I hope you enjoyed your trip there and will come back to do it again some day.


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