Limerick Burkha

Almost all Irish kids wear school uniforms. Mine was navy blue, a colour I’ve never worn since. In Limerick these days the girls wear wide skirts down to the floor, a pan-school trend. At bus-stops they move as if on castors. It looks peculiar, this Catholic burkha, and doesn’t help large Irish booty (though it avoids the great depilation debates that absorbed my class). I can’t even figure out where they’re buying them.

Tim was convinced it was a regulation length. Why else would a teenage girl wear a skirt past her shoes in the Britney Era? So I asked them. Fashion, they confirmed. This way you can wear whatever shoes and socks you like. You’d be laughed at if you wore anything above your ankle. But in Cork and Ennis, they said, the girls wear uniform skirts up to their arses. With over-the-knee socks.

They wrinkled their noses at the idea of pallid Cork goosepimples on display.

2 thoughts on “Limerick Burkha”

  1. Ah yes,the thought of school uniforms, (on those of an appropriate age, of course) begins to stir the blood…
    My own kids go to a school without uniforms and express their individuality by wearing black. Like everyone else.


  2. Ha! One of my many, many resolutions is to wear less black when I finally get a wardrobe of my own again. But in the meantime, baaaaa.


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