Pictures Added

I’ve added more of Tim’s pictures to illustrate some recent pieces. There are good shots of Caitriona, the Cliffs of Moher, and Peig Sayers’ grave among them. Scroll down on the main page if you care to see them.

3 thoughts on “Pictures Added”

  1. Somehow I wandered onto your website. I was actually searching out Claire Walsh’s Restaurant in Ballyvaughan. I love your writing and your pictures. So much so, the writings and musing, that you are making me late for work. From an appreciative Yank in Maryland. Ouch on those real estate prices.


  2. Now there at the Cliffs of Moher I saw a perpetual motion “event”. During storm the spume off crashing waves was blown up onto the cliff edge green. Little drainages poured off waterfalls that were caught and flung up again.

    Great to taste the country again.



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