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I’ve stumbled across some great Irish sites recently (many by non-natives, as it happens.) I add them to my blogroll as I go, but they’re worth a shout-out. Here’s a sample:

John’s site, North Atlantic Skyline, has great photos and stories from the west of Ireland. I read this to confirm that no, I didn’t imagine some of the odder aspects of growing up in Ireland. The man gets everywhere! And disses Limerick! Check out Dastardly and Muttley.

Karlin Lillington is a Canadian/Californian journalist working in Dublin. She usually hangs out at Techno/Culture, though the site seems to be down at the moment. Love her views of Ireland and technology.

Bernie Goldbach writes prolifically at Irish Eyes. He teaches multimedia at Tipperary Institute. Smart guy, lucky students.

3 thoughts on “Irish Blogs”

  1. I followed a link from ‘Slugger'(mentioned above)
    which took me to another very interesting site-
    ‘ 1169 And Counting’ :
    it’s text heavy , no photos , nothing too fancy – but a fantastic resourse for historical figures
    (most of whom I never even heard of – and ashamed over it , too).
    Its worth checking…..


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