My Places

Here is a list of places I’d like to live:

-Vancouver (except for the rain)
-West Cork/Kerry/Clare (see above)
-Portland (see above)
-Toronto (except for the cold)

It’s based on my perception of kindred spirits per head of population, and on my crush on Canada. I haven’t even been to Vancouver or Portland, and have barely grazed Toronto. It’s a shame they have disagreeable climates in common, but probably not a coincidence. We are shaped by adversity.

7 thoughts on “My Places”

  1. Coincidentally, I had some Irish friends visiting this week. They’re looking at buying a place here as an investment, and planning on spending a couple of years here in the future. Before they arrived, I warned them regularly about the amount of rain they were likely to see in February. It hasn’t rained a drop in the last week.

    The weather in Vancouver is much like the weather in Dublin, except with very little wind (though always a refreshing breeze) and longer, hotter summers.

    Come on over, we’ve got lots of room.


  2. About the cold … you really can develop a love/hate relationship with the cold. Especially if you learn to love outdoor winter activities. I say that after running outside for 10k today, uphill, with a bitter wind in our faces the entire time (the wind shifted with our direction is seems) There is something very refreshing about the cold. It can be clean just like pure snow. You can learn to love it – at least love it part time.


  3. Brooklyn is not that much colder than Toronto, we get the same weather patterns (we do get more snow, due to lake effects). However, in Toronto you can arrange your life so that you never have to go outside. I have met people who live and work in buildings connected to the subway lines and who claim they never go out in cold weather (you can go shopping, the gym, movies etc all without going outside). It’s not the way I would live my life, but then I walk a block to work and just have to cross the street to buy groceries.


  4. Portland and Vancouver are wonderful places. Stuck between them in Seattle, I’d be hard-pressed to choose. They both seem to have in spades what Seattle thinks it has, but lost long ago.


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