Water Buffs

Luke, a South African living in Toronto, sends pictures from his great photo journal, Tripping:
    “Like Tim, the Toronto water fanatics aren’t allowing less than heatwave temperatures to keep them out of the water.”

Are they all mad up there? It may explain why I like them so. I have home broadband internet access for the first time ever, which means streaming audio of the stately CBC radio, a daily fix of Canada that only rounds out Brooklyn’s charm. Though Tim is in many ways more of a New York nut than I am, he is homesick. A jobless recovery doesn’t welcome back a technology manager who most recently managed bears and wolves and campers. So he has gone back to Canada for a spring canoe trip with some other Toronto water fanatics, and to give thought to moving back to Lake Superior.

The mighty Gowanus ain’t the same without him.

One thought on “Water Buffs”

  1. They seem to be wearing quite a bit of protective gear on the Black River trip. Helmets? Will try to explore his site further to determine more. River doesn’t look all that rough. I’ve noticed a recent trend, however, that outfitters for the Colorado, Snake, and Yellowstone rivers all seem to require that gear.

    Seems a shame to me to be so encumbered. There’s a rather nice, fast little stream named the Current River in southeast Missouri that’s become one of my favorites. You rent the canoes, bring or rent a life jacket, and you’re off. It has a few spots that are a bit difficult….hmm….must find out more about the Black River in the land of canucks.


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