World Trade Center

Williamsburg Bridge and small plane

Tim found these old scans while coaxing his data back from a senile hard drive last week. There should be a word for the double emotion of reacquainting with old artefacts at times of stress–moving house, say, or begging your computer files to come back. Memories can mug you when you’re already raw and rushed.

These are accidental portraits of the buildings that were the city compass (and camera hogs, too). We looked for them whenever we surfaced from the subway or climbed onto a roof deck. We triangulated from them on bridges and in strange conference rooms, and steered by them in tug boats and canoes. The towers _were_ Downtown. More useful than True North, in the self-appointed center of the word.

Canoe off Lower Manhatttan
Somewhere off Bay Ridge

Tugboat Pilot
Joe Sanchez watching from the deck of a houseboat under tow up the East River

Roof party
Party on a SoHo roof

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  1. Wonderful. Goes to show sometimes – I fight with a Nikon D1X as a pro photographer to set up a pic like that, fussing around with a million different settings, you point and shoot with a pocket camera and deliver a prefefct pic. Thoughtful, erudite post, too.


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