Lunchtime grumble

It’s muggy August in New York. Today it’ll get to 87 degrees outside, but in the office I’m wearing jeans, socks, boots, a long-sleeved shirt, and an alpaca poncho. I still have goosebumps. My co-workers are bundling up in fleecy sweatshirts.Every half-hour or so, I stick my torso out the window to get warm enough to keep typing.

American air-conditioning makes me crazy. You have to pack a blankie to go to a summer movie. Subway cars are like meat lockers. Stores pump cold air out onto Broadway, just because they can. In America, we have mastered nature, and every individual has the god-given right to freeze his ass off all summer long.

And we tell China the planet can’t afford for them to have cars?

3 thoughts on “Lunchtime grumble”

  1. Canadians are just as bad. I’m originally from the prarie provinces, which rarely get hot enough to require air conditioning, but now that I’m living in Ontario, I find it ridiculous. I have to either sweat buckets on my walk to work, or else freeze all day long when I am inside.

    I also find it too warm indoors in the winter. When I wear sweaters, I try to remember to wear a t-shirt underneath, because I always end up taking them off. We really need to turn the heat up a bit in the summer, and then down a bit in the winter.


  2. I used to get headaches and summer flu from the frigid-inside/sweltering-outside air con trauma when working in Charleston, SC many summers ago. It’s not just NYC.


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