He told us that he is your Friend

Most social software acts more like a gawky thirteen-year-old than like Emily Post. I write customer service email for a living, so I’m touchy about software corporations telling me how fabulous a job they’re doing.

Below are some common questions asked about Multiply:

Is this just like other “networking” sites I have heard

Actually it’s much different, and much better. While other
sites are strictly about meeting new people, Multiply is a
communication tool that makes it easier to stay in touch
with people you already know.

Spare me and show me, kids.

Frank has added you as his contact on Multiply so he can better stay in touch with you, and he told us that he is your Friend. To see Frank’s Multiply home page, or start your own, please go to the following address to confirm that he is your Friend:

Frank is my Friend? That’s what my mother called menstruation when I was twelve.

3 thoughts on “He told us that he is your Friend”

  1. Okay, okay… no need to rag on me about it.


    I WILL get the interview edited and online. I do feel warmly toward you. I did translate that feeling into a stupid Multiply invitation just for grins and giggles about the same time we’d finished the work on the interview.

    I’m feeling bad about not being able to condense the bits on my Olympus voice reording of our phone call. I’m sure there’s just a little bit of tweakage required to take those 124 MB of proprietary format and turn them into a wav file. And then I’d like to be able to excerpt, to edit that file into the interesting bits and leave a lot of the chit-chat on the cutting room floor. How hard could it be? Dave Winer does it.

    Anyway, you could think of me as your friend even if you do have a healthy skepticism of social software. BTW, yours was the ONLY invitation I sent. Not being promiscuous should count for something.

    There’s one thing I don’t understand. Why do you suppose your mom called your menstrual period “Frank?” I am a redhead (albeit gray these days) but never been compared to a tampon before…


  2. Frank! Now I feel like a big jerk. Of COURSE you’re my friend. I just question whether you’re my Friend. (This after a day at work writing emails to our local Organizers who take charge of their Groups.)

    The menstruation idiom in Ireland, by the way, was “I have my Friend.” God knows why. Odd place.

    So I was purely, only, making fun of the canned emails that I myself write (and this excerpt was cut from a longer, far more wicked piece I wrote last night after my ex accidentally sent one on our anniversary yesterday. “Keep in touch without the bother of email…yada yada.”)



  3. Shucks. (Translation: an ancient and honorable word now more often replaced with those having but four letters.)

    I say that anything that keeps the flow of posts coming from Dervala is worthwhile. 🙂


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