New York Dog Redux

From Ranger Tim, who doesn’t hold with this kind of thing:

Vapid New York magazine concepts are now being outsourced to Ireland, in the fashion of Dell call centers.”

With feature articles covering “The 10 Best Walks in Manhattan” and how to keep a dog in a custody battle, a New York lifestyle magazine for dog fanatics, The New York Dog, is scheduled to begin publishing this autumn.

The idea of the Irish magazine publishers Michael O’Doherty and John Ryan, the 96-page glossy is expected to be printed every two months and is intended to sit alongside Vogue and Cosmopolitan. It even plans to include photo shoots illustrating dog haute couture.

At least the publishers don’t go so far as to own one of the creatures.

2 thoughts on “New York Dog Redux”

  1. “Mr. Ryan’s two previous ventures – Gay Ireland and a celebrity tabloid called Stars on Sunday – were short-lived.”

    I’m waiting for ARF!, featuring fawning photo spreads of gay celebrities’ dogs in their own homes.


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