Ship of Fools

On the Q Train, late last night, there was a man whose white hair was fluffily balding and whose white eyebrows were fluffily sprouting. I couldn’t see much below that, beyond a glimpse of walrus moustache, because he held Ship of Fools so closely that he had to move his head left to right to read. I expected a typewriter’s ‘Ching!’ at the end of each line.

Every page or so, he coughed wetly into the book. It made me queasy.

I wonder how Danny Gregory would draw him, if I described him?

One thought on “Ship of Fools”

  1. Goddam. “Fluffiily” is a genuine real live legit in the book adverb sanctioned on high by American Heritage.

    Teal and white attired female meets fluffily whiting faced old male with mildly but frequently demonstrating affliction of bronchitis and questionably made choice of reading material.


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