More northern Ontario photos from Ranger Tim:

Stopped at Batchawana Bay on the way back up from Soo the other evening. A sleepy place with an Indian settlement and a rough little commercial fishing dock. It’s the end of the road, and it feels it.

Batchawana Dock

Batchawana Dock Detail

6 thoughts on “Batchawana”

  1. Do the trees in the photos far distance contain the tell tale hints of foliage colour change portending an early Autumn? The forests in northern NY are responding to this cool, wet summer with a very early tinge of reds, yellows and golds.


  2. hey, the woman i’m in love with is working in batchawana bay right now. it’s far away from me and I wish i was up there. nothing’s simple.

    dervala, i don’t get around to visiting you as often as i used to when my life was, ahem, more settled, but whenever i do now i’m always happy i did.

    it’s like everytime you walk past the house of an old friend and tell yourself, “i really need to call her or stop by”, and then when you finally get around to it you wish you would’ve come around sooner.

    it’s something like that.

    i’m thinking i might find my way up to the park and visit ranger tim sometime in the next few weeks.

    thanks for the tea and sympathy.



  3. You should head to the park, Jack. It’s a healing place, and Tim is a good soul. I’ll be visiting him myself in a few weeks.


  4. Dervala – I don’t recall how I found your blog, but I find your perspective so fresh and alive. It affords me a step outside my tiny life. Thanks for sharing your vision and version of life.


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