11 thoughts on “Over and Out”

  1. enjoy your blogging holiday, dervala! write a book with your spare time, would ya?

    i hope this one of those i’ve-got-way-too-many-good-things-going-on-in-my-life-spend-time-typing-about-it sort of breaks, and not one of those i’ve-got-way-too-much-bad-shit-going-on-in-my-life-to-even-think-about-typing-about-it-on-my-blog sort of breaks.

    whichever it is, i hope only good things for you and look forward to reading you again, oh, shall we say…around christmas?



  2. I agree with jack up there, hope the reasons for the break are good.
    If there is a book, I’d be delighted to buy one whenever(at an appropriate discount).
    Enjoy your break. Go on, enjoy yourself.
    Don’t worry about us pathetic people out here with even less to fill our sad grey lives without the chance to live yours vicariously.


  3. I flew over the north shore of Superior this morning on my way from Ottawa to Vancouver and thought of you down there. Saw some of the trees were starting to change colour, even as summer throws some last thunderstorms at you .

    Who wouldn’t want to take a break from blogging with that all around you. Be well. Stay warm. See you soon.


  4. I feel the empty silence already. Thanks for sharing your world view and your soul. Fill up lots of moleskines for possible future sharing. And fill up your heart with lots of joy.


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