Just back in Ireland for a lagged Christmas holiday. I get overwhelmed by the changing skies and social structure (though the Aer Lingus flight attendants are still timeless orange frumps). Mum presented Eggs Benedict on a bagel for my breakfast. McCambridge’s soda bread doesn’t cut it any more.

More entries to follow, now that I’m on vacation. Any volunteers for pints in Limerick or Dublin?

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  1. Well, damn, if only I’d had access to my newsreader over xmas — some pints in Dublin would have been entirely doable! sadly, I’m back in California now (after a brief encounter with a “mini-tornado” at Dublin airport, apparently).

    chalk it up as another reason I should have brought my laptop. I truly am going native.


  2. Boo hiss! Well,lads, I’m not doing too badly with meeting the Irish bloggers as it is. Karlin and Bernie on Thursday, the bould Eamonn from Eamonn.com last night, John from Monasette.com a few days ago, and another blogging John today. All praise the internet (although I am developing a disturbing Guinness belly.)


  3. Dervala – I’ll be in Ireland this spring or late fall…my 14 year old son’s great-grandfather was half Irish and so my son now claims Ireland as his heritage. My husband always tries to correct him and I am quick to point out that, at 14, he is seeking an identity and an affiliation in something…let it be Ireland. I’ve managed to trace his ancestors to Northern Ireland (he’s technically Welsh-Irish) but we will be starting in Dublin and moving down along Cork and the Ring of Kerry.


  4. I can picture the new Guinness ads now:

    “I’ve invented the Internet!”

    “Internet? Brilliant!!!!”

    “It’s great for Blogs!”

    “Blogs? Brilliant!!!!”


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