4 thoughts on “Four Servings of Design”

  1. Sorry to sound negative for once, but I don’t think that the circles worked. It clearly a venn diagram- but what do the overlapping sections represent?


  2. I didn’t think the “It takes time…” spiel added anything either, other than a vaguely preachy tone.

    The spiral was way too busy to read, though it might work on a larger scale.

    In my opinion the best was the first slied, the square blocks, which best represented the quantitative data, and also worked well for individual food labels.


  3. Hmm, I don’t think the overlapping circles are meant to be a venn diagram; I think they’re just meant to be servings on a plate.

    I admit I found the digestion spiral hard to follow, too, at least at that size, but I thought the plate was clear and attractive (apart from those pesky venn diagram overlaps 😉


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