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  1. Dervala.

    You need to add the enclosure tag to the RSS feed:

    Replacing > with ].

    This [enclosure url=”http://dervala.net/bogeyman.mp3″ length=”1239846″ type=”audio/mpeg”/] should be an addition to the stuff contined within the [title] tag delimiters in the RSS file.

    And the link on this page “Heres the test” should just be to the actual MP3

    [audio src="http://dervala.net/bogeyman.mp3" /]

    So the first item in the RSS enclosure , the stuff within the [item] delimiter, which contains this post should have that enlosure tag added.


  2. Actually you may have meant heres the test to point to a standalone RSS file, in which case i think it is ok.



  3. Nice one! “The Bogeyman” is one of my favourite Dervala stories! You’ll have a podcast audience if you can record one story a week. You know there are dozens of actors out there clamoring for help in mastering an Irish accent, so there’s no harm having one for the world to copy. You can even add metadata to your RSS tag that identifies the regional accent of the piece, so when you give us your Dublin accent we’re not confused.


  4. Thanks for the great mp3 – good to match a voice (and accent) to what I’ve been reading for so long. A few things on your podcast xml just needed to be massaged – I uploaded a copy to here.
    I don’t own an iPod or podcast software so I didn’t test that it follows “convention” but it’s valid RSS xml.

    The RFC-822 date format is a pain in the ass, I may write a free generator to make the world a better place. Otherwise the format is simple enough, but Dan Bricklin (of VisiCalc fame) has a
    tool called ListGarden
    for generating RSS feeds. I’ve never used it so I’m not going to vouch for it too enthusiastically, but give it a whirl.

    Finally, after generating the feed, you can validate it at:



  5. David and Eoin, thanks so much. I got the enclosure tags right first time out, but it had validated in Winer’s Podcast script test without closing [channel] and

    • An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.

    tags, which threw me off completely. David, I’ll try this out.


  6. Most excellent. Fun story, enjoyed it written and read. Nice to hear your voice. Warping children has to be one of the most guilt ridden activities any human can endure.


  7. It has been so bloody cold, the black flies have been delayed. We just cleaned our fireplace and low and behold…I had to start a fire tonight to keep the dampness at bay. We have had a lovely slow spring overall. A few days of heat and we will be paying for it. I have been getting my enjoyable morning runs in before I am running from the flies. The kids have bug jackets all ready to wear and the repellants ladden with DEET are all lined up at the door-ready for application, when venturing in the great outdoors. Colin and I have been warning the kids about the blackflies, especially of the fact that they are flesh blood…never been feasted on before. Right now it is the calm before the swarm. Hopefully they won’t be too traumatized. One can only hope.


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