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Another valentine to engineers as writers: today I got my favorite-ever subject line for an email birth announcement, _and_ a photo that didn’t topple my mailbox. Welcome, Milo Smith! Live long and prosper.

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  1. So I read your story about Wayki Trek and the Inka Trail. But you did not have comments there so I hope you will get this.

    I want to use Wayki Trek and just wanted to know if the dead smell in the office was the only bad part. Would you use them again??

    Also you said the trail was easy but then the second day a bit more work. Now that it is all done can you tell me how good of shape you need to be in to make it and still have fun?

    I loved all you put down. Very fun to hear your story as I am starting mine.



  2. Leslie, it was two years ago, and it was a pretty fly-by-night operation, so I can’t say either way whether they’re worth using today. It all depends on your guide. As I said in the piece, mine was great until he disappeared a day and a half into it and left us with a clueless apprentice.

    As for the trek itself, I thought it was easy, but I’d been used to backpacking carrying my own stuff. If you’ve come straight from a sea-level office job it might be harder. There were plenty of wheezing, paunchy old gringos who managed it, though.


  3. Karlin, I have a feeling that Milo is going the way of Aidan, Tyler, and Maya–this little fella is the third I’ve heard of in the last few months. It’s a great name that’s about to peak.


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