No Ronald McDonald?

Discovery Channel viewers have picked a shortlist of the five greatest Americans of all time. It’s one of those memes that starts on the BBC or the CBC and spreads to US television, like _The Weakest Link_ or those LiveJournal “If you were a bodily fluid, which one would you be?” exercises. This particular soap opera is sponsored by Tide.

The top five does not include Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Frankln D. Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, or Mark Twain.

It does, however, include Ronald Reagan.

12 thoughts on “No Ronald McDonald?”

  1. God help us…I’m thinking of Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony…


  2. Does Albert Einstein really count as an American ? He was German (born Ulm, 1879). Became an American citizen in 1940


  3. Bob, I’d argue that the quintessential American is an immigrant, particularly one who wouldn’t have been welcome at home. Choice trumps birth. 🙂


  4. And why not Reagan? What better representative of that “Persistent Vegetative State” our current leaders value so much?


  5. Dervala, upon mature reflection, I’d agree with you. If only Ireland thought the same of the ‘Éireannach Nua’ citizens.


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