Crib Lizards

Crotchfruit, n., a child or children. (Often derogatory.)

As punishment for irregularities with her Canadian visa and seventeen previous lifetimes of evildoing, my sister is substitute-teaching in our home town. Unlike San Franciscans, Irish breeders are keeping up the numbers.
   “I taught 30 four-year-old crotchfruits today,” she wrote. “They were ick. They kept wanting to hold my hand. And I think one of them had a yeast infection; she kept scratching herself.”

I passed on this touching story to my co-worker, L.
    “Crotchfruitflies?” she speculated.

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  1. I’m confused. I though your sister was in India. But there again, confused is my default setting.


  2. Hi guys! I have three more half-chewed posts that I’ll work on this weekend. Good to be back.


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