Life Before

Photo by Tim, 2001

Photo by Tim, 2001

My caption from 2004: “These are accidental portraits of the buildings that were the city compass (and camera hogs, too). We looked for them whenever we surfaced from the subway or climbed onto a roof deck. We triangulated from them on bridges and in strange conference rooms, and steered by them in tug boats and canoes. The towers were Downtown. More useful than True North, in the self-appointed center of the world.”

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  1. I came across you from Stumbleupon. This post touched me deeply. Of all of the posts I read from this week – yours hit me the hardest. Not the crying mourning posts but yours. Yours shows the effect we’ll all feel even decades down the road when the death has paled. Your photos are also beautiful and to be treasured. I am in East Coast Canada. I didn’t live there, nor had I ever seen NY in person but the events of that momentous day changed my life forever. You are appreciated.


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