Can Cam Week

I’m off to Tokyo on bidness tomorrow. Woo! Thanks to fellows like Marxy, I’ll feel like I’ve been there, even if I never get to leave the Roppongi Hills Mori Sky Studio conference rooms.

5 thoughts on “Can Cam Week”

  1. Lucky you. I have worked for Japanese companies for 7 years, lived in Asia and passed through Narita but never really been there.
    Ireland is home. Every other country is foreign. Japan is totally wierd, often in a nice way.


  2. Dervala, Dervala, please please please go to the fish market, very early in the morning, and watch the auctioneers auctioning off half the world’s tuna (literally). Best. trip. ever.


  3. Oh, I did the fish market thing. We watched the activity at the market and then went to a nearby restaurant for a fresh sushi breakfast! GOD, I loved Japan. I would go back in a second.


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