Hold please…

Regular service at dervala.net will be resumed tomorrow, Tuesday. I screwed up a transfer from Movable Type to WordPress. Sorry!

Update: Fixed! Sort of. God, no one should let me near a server.

20 thoughts on “Hold please…”

  1. shall we hover over your shoulder while you’re tying to fix it? that always helps. and is not at all annoying!


  2. Hi! India, I felt like a prisoner of MT and my crappy web host, but eventually I hated my endless archives and Google ads so much that I sucked it up and moved. This was an emergency template, and on the Mac the font is teeny-tiny, but I’m so happy to have cleaned up that damn sidebar. Will probably play with the layout some more.

    Hi Derek! Now all I have to do is write a piece once in a while, right?

    Hi Camilo! I’m not much of a meme-r, but I’ll send that list to you.


  3. Cool template, Dervala! My only obection is that the font size is a bit small for these aging eyes. Oh well, I can always don the reading glasses when I come your way. That’s not too much of a burden considering the pleasure gained!


  4. Sank your RSS feed too…. But I’ve managed to reconnect. I think.

    Nothing wrong with MY eyes though. I can read this stuff. Absolutely…. no problem. (cough)


  5. hi dervala
    I’m looking at your archive links in the sidebar there. The format is almost identical to the one I’ve been using, except that I’ve been hard-coding mine, because I couldn’t find one that displays the links this way. Is it part of the theme, or a plugin, or what?

    (tried to check via the theme link below, but the site is timing out…)

    also, very pleased to see you’re posting again…


  6. Hi pilgrim,

    Yes, it’s a plug-in called Compact Monthly Archive. You can get it at the WordPress site. Enjoy!



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